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Have you ever thought of singing with a choir?

Many of us sing away to ourselves whilst working or washing-up. It is rare for anybody to be totally tone deaf. Most people can hold a tune and when they sing they smile, they enjoy themselves. So why not join Arun Choral Society and sing (and smile) every Monday evening? It really is not difficult to sing with a choir.

Some of your questions answered:

Will I need to read music?

No. Some members can read music, many of us have some knowledge of how to read a score, but it has generally been learned after years singing with choirs.

Will I have to do an audition?

No, but after having attended for some weeks, you will be asked to sing something of your choice privately in front of a small assessment panel, just to check that you are singing in the right voice range.

Will everybody laugh at me because I get it wrong?

Well, if we laughed at everyone who got it wrong, we would be laughing all night. Monday practices are the time to get it wrong, that is how we learn; and when we get it right, it's a wonderful feeling.

What will it cost me?

Our annual subscription is currently £90 payable at the start of our singing year in September. This does not include the cost of musical scores, but these can usually be hired for a nominal amount.

So can we tempt you to come along on a Monday? No obligation (as the salesman would say). Just come along to Arundel C of E Primary School, Jarvis Road, Arundel, BN18 9HT at 7.30 p.m.; introduce yourself to anyone and they will soon find you some music, sit you down and explain what goes on. It won't cost you a penny to give it a try and if you don't enjoy yourself, well, so be it; at least you came and found out. Just think though, if you don't come along and try it you will never know how good it feels to fill Arundel Cathedral with the sound of your own voice!

If you have any further questions do get in touch with our Membership Secretary, Lorraine Goodwin on 01903 504188 or

If you don't wish to sing, would you like to become a Patron?

If you are a regular concert-goer, you may like to consider the advantages of becoming a Patron of the Society. The benefits of your annual subscription include:-

In this way, whilst attending our concerts, you would also be encouraging our endeavours to maintain a part of our English choral tradition and your support as a Patron would be greatly valued. We want to continue giving concerts of high quality, but for this we need a sound basis of support, and your interest and help would be much appreciated, and put to good use.

Please contact our Patrons' Secretary, Rita Whitelaw at:-
Sandpipers, Golden Acre, East Preston, BN16 1QP - phone 01903 415821
or email